About All Ink Permanent Makeup

Raylene Ewing, owner of All Ink Permanent Makeup, is breaking new ground with her conservative yet effective approach to permanent makeup.

Meet Raylene

Hi! I’m Raylene and I have been in the permanent makeup business since February 2018. I am admittedly a fresh-face, but I’m highly qualified and I’ve had countless clients walking away from my procedures completely satisfied with their lasting results.

Less is more! I’ve always taken a more careful, conservative approach to permanent makeup. If you’re going to keep these colors for the next couple of years, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. I always begin with an in-depth consultation to get an idea of what my client wants to achieve. During the procedures themselves, I start slow, with the gentlest of tints on my client’s features, moving up to deeper shades in follow-up sessions as they desire.

My Credentials

I’ve gotten training from some of the biggest names in the permanent makeup space. Here’s a selection of my top credentials.

Below The Skin Permanent Makeup

I received my technical skills from Below The Skin, a premier institute of permanent makeup.

Ruben “Brow Daddy” Kasper

I trained under and received my brow certification from renowned permanent makeup artist Ruben Kasper, known by his handle and brand “Brow Daddy.” Ruben is a leading brow expert who is famous for his Ombre Powder Brow technique.

Amber Guthery (Girlz Ink Studio)

Girlz Ink Studio is a leading permanent makeup studio in Las Vegas founded by world-renowned permanent makeup artist Teryn Darling. I trained under one of Girlz Ink’s artists, Amber Guthery, who was trained by Darling herself and carries over a decade of experience in various forms of art. Amber taught me everything I know about winged eyeliner and wedge eyeliner techniques.


I have official microblading certification from the (insert name here), a leading governing body in the permanent makeup industry that only provides certification to applicants who have covered over 100 hours of training and have passed the required tests.

My Advocacy

Almost half of all American women wouldn’t want to leave home without putting on some form of makeup. Beauty can be a source of empowerment and self-esteem, and makeup is a powerful tool that we use to express ourselves and own our look.

I started my permanent makeup practice because I believe in the practice itself! Being able to rush to work in the morning without worrying about makeup is an incredibly freeing feeling. It also has the effect of boosting your self-esteem, there’s a unique confidence that comes with knowing that your makeup is on-point every hour of every day.

Permanent makeup is also an absolute godsend for people who might have disabilities that prevent them from applying their own makeup. I provide the option of a long-term commitment to beauty, for women who might not otherwise get that opportunity. Beauty is certainly more than skin deep, but I think that every woman deserves to decide what beauty means to them.

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