Lip Service: The Wonders Of Permanent Lip Liner

Lips tend to receive all the attention when it comes to makeup. The entire shape and fullness of lips can be changed with a little lip liner, while a huge variety of colors are available to enhance their appearance and the rest of your facial features. This is especially true for people whose lips are naturally thin, and need a little contouring to improve their fullness.

Of course, this only applies to lip liner that’s applied properly, and we all know how bad it can go when you’re in a hurry. Meanwhile, feathering and bleeding can occur when your lips are dry. Permanent makeup offers a more long-term solution to these issues, in the form of lip liner pigments that are injected right into your lips.

How Does Permanent Lip Liner Work?

Permanent lip liner is similar to other forms of permanent makeup, although it has to be applied with much more care because the lips have so many densely-packed blood vessels.

Like the rest of your body, your lips have an outermost epidermis layer sitting on top of a dermis layer just beneath. Of course, the lips’ layers are all much thinner than the skin on your face, or anywhere else on your body.

In permanent lip liner, a specialist uses a sterilized single-use tool to pierce your lips’ skin into the dermis. just beneath the surface. From here, they inject pigment particles into the dermis, which spread out and change the color of the affected site.

Applying permanent lip liner is a little different from how you’d apply regular ol’ lip liner. Not only will the specialist follow the contours of your lips, but they’ll also blend the color towards the middle to give it a more natural gradient.


Does It Hurt?

This is understandably a big question for many people looking to have their lips done. The answer is that yes, it can hurt a little. During the procedure, you’re going to have numbing cream constantly applied and reapplied so that you feel almost no pain.

With that said, for a few days afterward, you’re going to have some tenderness and swelling on your lips. It won’t hurt much more than a mild mouth sore, though.

How Long Does Permanent Lip Liner Last?

Permanent lip liner lasts 1-2 years before needing a touchup. This may change depending on the amount of sun exposure you get, and how “natural” you want your lip liner to look—the closer your lip liner color is to your natural lip color, the shorter the time before it needs to be recolored.

How Can I Prepare For Permanent Lip Liner?

The most important thing to do with permanent lip liner is to tell your specialist if you’ve had any piercings, lip surgery, or infections in the last 2-3 weeks. It may be necessary to administer an antibacterial or antiviral before the procedure.

Other than that, the usual rules apply. Don’t go to any tanning salons, avoid blood-thinning drugs, stop smoking, and wear sunscreen, all 2 weeks before your scheduled session.

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